About Health Care Policy Matters

Health Care Policy Matters is a new online resource from TogoRun dedicated to improving health care policy advocacy while building brand reputation by bridging the functions of strategic communications and public, government, and regulatory relations.



If you are operating in health care, your most important influencer for your product, issue or campaign is the government, period.

Therefore, the winning combination to build influence is interdisciplinary advocacy teams built with the critical participants from strategic communications and public, government, and regulatory relations.


Why are we so confident in that assertion? In the diverse countries in which we have executed communication programs, the common thread was the immense legislative, regulatory and legal authority the government has over health care. In the U.S. alone—one of the most market-based systems in the world– nearly 50 percent of health care is being paid for by the government. Although the government is not usually the end customer or beneficiary of the service, product or campaign, it does control access to those customers. Winning in health care means winning with the government.

The need

The idea for this website grew out of our experience working with first class communications and marketers who were hungry to understand the policy realm but found the barriers too high to proactively work with the policy and government relations teams. For many of our clients, public affairs typically falls into an “important but not urgent” bucket until a negative issue deems it urgent to manage.

In parallel, we’ve worked with top notch government relations teams who wait until they need a press release or an advertisement to bring in their strategic communications team. Intuitively, they know there is much more that could be done; however, barriers such as time, budget and knowledge often stand in the way of proactively engaging their colleagues. So they continue to advocate with one hand tied behind their backs due to the lack of synergy between the larger communications brand strategy and tools.

In rare cases where we’ve see these two groups working symbiotically together, very good things happen. Trails were blazed for the benefit of patients and brand reputation was strengthened. As a strategic communications company focused entirely on health care and well-being, this inspires us. So we asked ourselves: how can we help bring about more of these trailblazing efforts?

In addition to delivering top notch counsel and service to our clients, we offer this resource — Health Care Policy Matters.

Our mission

Health Care Policy Matters’ mission is to support the development of strong interdisciplinary advocacy teams by giving them a resource that helps marketing and communications professionals more easily see the relevance of policy while helping policy-oriented professionals more easily see the relevance of communications. In essence, we want to share what is happening in these discipline areas, translate why it matters to the broader team and offer practical advice to encourage more proactive collaboration among these groups.

Along the way, we’ll share our insights on the how-to’s of issue advocacy and policy shaping.

We look forward to your comments through our blog. Or email us your thoughts, inputs and suggestions at- a.woodbury@togorun.com.

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