2015 Freshman Healthbook



THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK is a new advocacy resource that will examine the health care-specific background and positions of the members of the 114th Congressional Freshman class. Our latest TogoRun offering identifies their positions on key health care issues, including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), medical preparedness, medical innovation, children’s health, mental health, Medicare, physician reimbursement, reproductive rights and veterans’ health. It analyzes the current make-up of the class and identifies seven Freshmen as the next likely health care leaders in Congress.

Who should download THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK?

We created the THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK to provide advocates, TogoRun clients and the media with a convenient reference tool on the new policymakers in Congress. Regardless of background or committee assignment, each Freshman has been entrusted with a tremendous amount of power and influence over health care in the U.S.. Each member’s profile offers insight into what issues are important to him/her. The HEALTHBOOK will help advocates develop their outreach plans for 2015.

What information is in THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK?

In the THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK: SENATE and THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK: HOUSE, each member’s profile will offer strategic angles by which the advocacy community could engage. Some members have a history of activism around particular disease states such as diabetes, cancer, AIDS or Alzheimer’s. Others have professional experience as medical professionals or working in the field of health care as consultants or administrators.

In the section entitled THE FRESHMAN CLASS IN AGGREGATE NUMBERS, we share our insights on the class as a whole after we applied filters such as health care experience, ethnicity and gender. Certain new members had more extensive health care experience than others, which may make them more active on health issues. Therefore, we created a ONES TO WATCH list that identifies seven members who will likely have strong voices in health care debates.

Additionally, last election cycle, our 2013 FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK looked at the content and found the ACA topics to be very narrow. ACA had vast implications beyond coverage and we explored some of those angles in THE UNTOLD STORIES OF ACA.

Advocates interested in specific disease states or topics such as medical innovation and mental health will find our suggestions for strategic angles they can leverage.


Anne Woodbury, Managing Director, TogoRun, Washington, DC

(202) 828-5075, a.woodbury@togorun.com