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From leading to partnering in the age of influence

PR Week  article written by Anne Woodbury

In the health care industry, it’s become pretty clear that just because a company has a point of view it wants to advance, it doesn’t mean others will join in, or even listen. The smart companies are talking less and listening more. They will focus less on thought leadership and more on being thought partners. What’s a thought partner? Read the PR Week article to find out.



Communique article written by Anne Woodbury

Many health care communications professionals are living under the misconception that the ACA is in the hands of other divisions of their company. They have fallen victim to three major myths about the Accountable Care Act (ACA). This Communique article dispels these myths and helps communicators see why they should understand how the ACA has changed their jobs.


Technology & Long-term Living

Provider Magazine article co-authored by Anne Woodbury and Newt Gingrich

Connected healthcare is fundamental to creating a healthcare system that supports long-term living.